Some links

A Netflix pitch from Bireme Capital and a conversation with Evan Tindell from Bireme 

A very good overview on “customer based valuation” for fast growing companies

Five timeless investing lessons distilled from Arlington Value’s investor letters

Four easy ways to combine Value and Momentum

Some insights from Ben Evans how online marketing is evolving (and killing TV)

Interesting story on 30 year old Crypto Billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried

About that LME Nickel Short Squeeze and the potential consequences


  • Re online marketing: I know that Amazon employs people (~key acc managers, but with lots more technical knowledge, like with msft) educating customers about why they should spend advertising $$ with Amazon, and making use of new technology.

  • Handballwerfer

    After reading no rules rules – I am also a person convinced of Netflix biz model. Thanks for the analysis

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