Some links

A Netflix Doku on Abercrombie & Fitch looks like  a “must watch” for any investor interested in retail stocks

The ProfitHunting blog on Aussie LNG player Woodside Energy

A good reminder that consistent outperformance of active fund managers is the wrong metric to focus on

Great take on Twitter by Prof. Damodaran and some very strategic thoughts on Twitter from Ben Thompson

Interesting background story on vending machines

The Q1 report from Bireme is worth reading (Netflix)

Kerrisdale is short the “Trump SPAC”. Even among all the shitty SPACs, this one smells especially bad

One comment

  • Just saw the A&F Doku yesterday, indeed a good watch for retail sector.

    What surprised me from bireme: they seem to think the gap between content cash costs and accounting is not a (big) problem. I think this is right if everything goes well, but that is only one scenario.

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