Some links

Bireme Capital with a nice “post mortem” on their Tencent Music investment

Vitaly Katsenelson explains why he invested into Uber

Symmetry with a deep dive on GiG Media from Sweden

Interesting deep dive into bankrupt Crypto Fund Three Arrows Capital and its founders

Fred Wilson (AVC) summarizes his expectations for the Ethereum “Merge” towards Proof-of-Stake

Air Conditioning technology seems to be ripe for disruption

Timeless advice from Charlie Ellis for “Investing Amateurs”


One comment

  • I read many times about Ellis’ The Loser Game in many Howard Marks’ memos and books but never read the book. Good read! Though:
    I think there is a time for defense and offense in equity investing (w/o saying it is easy knowing when!) since big profits can drive (out-)performance whereas in fixed income investing it is ‘only’ about eliminating losers

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