Some links

Maboussin with a deep dive on market share 

Reading texts on paper seems to be more efficient than reading on a device

Nice write-up on HongKong’s Swire Pacific from Michael Fritzell

Marc Rubinstein makes the case for UK Banks as potentially interesting investment

Interesting pitch for FEMSA from Patient Capital

Insider Ideas thinks that Ocado might be worth a deeper look

Mark Suster thinks private (VC) valuations will need to reset


  • Sag ich schon immer, Text auf Papier schlägt Text auf Bildschirm. Die meinen ich sei rückständig können also nur nicht mit Texten umgehen.

    • There are large E-ink screens now…
      Did they print the text on paper of the same size as the smartphone screens? Devices enable you to read everywhere outside regardless oft wind etc.

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