Some links

Interesting FT article on UK listed Venture Capital vehicles (Venture Capital Trusts)

A good “red flags” list for Venture investments that might work well for listed tech stocks, too

A very nice deep dive into LVMH and the luxury business

Interesting Podcast with UK investing legend Nick Train

Swen Lorenz with a very interesting introduction & Deep Dive into the Lloyds Insurance market

A nice pitch for Europe and Germany despite the current energy crisis from Noahopinion

If you haven’t tried out ChatGPT yet, do it. I wonder how schools and universities will cope with pupils and students doing their homework using this tool.



  • harpun, thanks for the comment. I am also fascinated on the use cases. From shitposting on Twitter to really good stuff for my equity research.

  • Swen Lorenz is a great story teller. Awful stock picker, but a great story teller.

    • His picks seem to get weirder and more desperate by the minute.

      Also, his political stand tends to permeate into his posts a little too much for comfort, bordering on sanctimonious. And I’m just as annoyed by woke culture as he is. But… uhh… subtlety, anyone.

      But, yeah. Deceptively good storyteller. The Gazprom report was a great read. Too bad about the stock.

  • I don’t know what’s more amazing in ChatGPT – the fact that you can incrementally improve parts of the answer by just demanding it and describing the task better, setting new context / constraints… or the speed at which it responds.

    What’s also stunning is its ability to not only synthetize source code, but also explain it in detail. It’s an amazing machine that actually helps you learn.

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