Some links

Highly recommended: Podcast on Earnings Quality with Columbia Professor Doron Nissim

Some more 2022 reports:

2022 Report from TGV Intrisic Value (FEMSA, Hostelworld)

2022 Report from TGV Compound Interest (Intred, About You, StoneCo etc.

2022 report from Third Point (AIG, Bath and Body Works, Colgate-Palmolive

– some Seth Klarman report comments via the FT

Some signs that “Value stocks” might see a mighty comeback after years of under peformance

Ben Thompson (Stratechery) on his slightly disturbing conversation with “Sidney” aka BingChatGPT

Spotify’s bet on Podcasts doesn’t look so successful right now

Some deep thought on why long term learning in capital markets is difficult for many investors (lifehack: Write a journal)

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