Quick news: Einhell, Praktiker, Frosta

Einhell & Praktiker
Einhell, which I fortunatley sold a couple of weeks ago has issued a sales warning after which the stock tanked significantly:

Beased on my former valuation (Fair value ~40 EUR), Einhell will be a candidate for “re entry” below 20 EUR.

In a anaylst comment from Warburg, there was one interisting part about Einhell’s customers and most likely Praktiker in particular:

Dies sollte zu einer stärkeren Zurückhaltung beim Auftragsverhalten der Großhändler geführt haben, um hohe Vorräte und damit negative Auswirkungen auf das Working Capital zu vermeiden. Darüber hinaus habe die anhaltende schwache Performance eines Großkunden noch nicht den Tiefpunkt erreicht.

So they are basically saying that Praktiker is still going downhill

As discussed, I am currently selling Frosta. I found the Link which was posted by best_choice in the comments quite interesting. Who would have thought that a local frozen food producer would be confronted with Chinese competitors ? Maybe one should buy port operators as a hedge….

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