Lingotes Especiales SA – comparable European Auto part suppliers

In my first post about Lingotes Especiales, the spanish auto parts producer, Chiru made a very valid comment:

Lingotes Especiales looks like a typical cyclical auto supplier to me. Such cyclical companies trade most of the time below book value. So I wouldn’t say they are extremely cheap. It’s rather a normal valuation given that there is some downside risk in the european auto market.

I tried to collect a sample of “traditional” European auto part suppliers with a market cap between 10-100 mn EUR. If we look at the table, we see that Chiru is right:

Short Name P/B P/E EV/EBITDA Div.Yield
ACE 0.89 17.46 4.0 4.4%
SCANDINAVIAN BRA 0.00 4.53 5.6 0.0%
MGI COUTIER 0.90 4.41 2.3 1.3%
FRAUENTHAL HOLDI 0.92 4.69 5.4 1.1%
MONTUPET 0.42 3.78 3.7 2.1%
LE BELIER 1.01 4.05 2.6 0.0%
GEVELOT SA 0.42 4.75 1.7 2.8%
DELFINGEN INDUST 0.53 142.27 4.6 2.6%
STREIT IND 1.58 3.57 0.9 0.0%
Avg 0.74   3.42 1.6%

One can clearly see thath especially the French companies look really really cheap.

On that basis, Lingotes (P/E 6, EV/EBITDA 3.0, P/B 0.9) looks kind of “average”. Only the current 8% dividend yield stands out.

So we identified one of the reasons why Lingotes is cheap: This is that ALL the smaller traditional autoparts companies are relatively cheap. This is important, as my initial thesis was that Lingotes is cheap because it is a Spanish company.

One could argue that Lingotes might need to trade higher than the Peer Group, as most of the peers had at least 2 loss years over the last 10 years, but at the end of the day one would need to make the industry analysis first. Intuitively I would also agree that there are cyclical risks to th car industry and if the big car producers suffer, the suppliers suffer even more.

As a result, Lingotes and the other cheap autt part suppliers will move some positions to the back of my research pile.

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