Publishing the Boss score – Top 25 UK

In the third installment, after the French Top 25 and the German Top 25, lets look at the united Kingdom.

In my current database, i have around 220 UK companies. This is of course only a part of the big UK stock universe, but I “filtered” out a lot of stocks even before putting them into my database.

So let’s look at the 10 Y Top 25:

and the 5 Y Top 25:

It is not surprising, that both of my two UK holdings, Dart Group and Cranswick are in the Top 25 lists. Another stock, Braemer, I aready had a look at and found it too cyclical.

From the first list, I think one can skip stocks which deteriorated heavily in the last 5 years like Enterprise Inn, Man, Balfour. Most interesting for me are Morgan Sindal, Severfield-Rowen and Albermarle. Interestingly also the large caps BG and Tesco look good.

From the 5 year list, I find Chemring, Haynes and JD Sports most interesting.

I hope to have a look at those companies soon. So many companies, so little time…..

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