Some links

If your have time for only one item this week, then read the latest memo from Howard Marks

Joel Greenblatt on value investing and patience

Very good interview with Marc Adreessen, one of the “pioneers” of the WWW

Good review about a new book called “”The Frackers: The Outrageous Inside Story of America’s New Billionaire Wildcatters””

Discovered by chance: Walter Schloss video on value investing (first 3 minutes).

Interesting article in the Ecominst on the Bitcoin Mining Industry

One more: Frenzel & Herzing with a new Vetropack analysis


  • I find the interview with Greenblatt really nice, that “patience is in short supply these days and thus pays”. Very true!

    And that “your clockwork has to tick slow if you want to succeed in value investing”.

    As I guess a slow ticking clockwork is ineven shorter supply these days, it seems like chances are getting even better for people who achieve ticking slow and have patience.

    All right then, let’s try!

  • Typo: Andreessen

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