Some links

Why fully autonomous cars might not be the future

Great post on Fastenal and if it might become interesting again

A long but very interesting story about Netflix vs. traditional media

Hedge Funds and Renewable Energy Yieldco’s don’t seem to match well

Interesting profile of Lei Zhang, a fund manager who was spectacularily succesful in China (H/T Valuewalk)

“Brandtech” – how Tesla & Co do things differently in order to build their brands

And of course, the Fall 2015 issue of the Graham & Doddsville newsletter (Columbia Business School)

One comment

  • Have you thought about an investment in Netflix ? The valuation is really high but… I use Netflix since one year and meanwhile can´t imagine going back to normal broadcasting again. News and Sport Events, but anything else no way.
    It´s not only on demand and without adds, the Major benefit for me is Quality. If you are used to super hd on Netflix, normal TV feels unbearable .

    Someday Netflix could give users the option to pay or to be free but include adds. The comercial Money has to go somewhere.

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