Some links

Tom Ward (Chesapeake and Sandrigde) has no good words for the oil E&P business.

Bill Gates recommends 5 books to read this summer.

Interesting chart how bank profits and interest rates are correlated (or not..)

Thanks to a comment I discovered a relatively new but promising blog: Valuetradeblog

Nils has two updates, one on Hargreaves Services, the other on Vitec

There is  a new biography out about the founder of Iscar (bought by Berkshire some years ago)

Frank has a good post on our pilgrimage to Mecca ahhh Omaha this year



One comment

  • Hey MMI,

    thank you again for mentioning my Blog! It really means a lot to me!
    I’ve updated the blog and have posted a write up about swedish holding company Investor AB.

    Kind regards,

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