Some links

Guranteed “Trump Free”:

India has been “demonetized” this week. Interesting to see how this will turn out.

Freakonomics podcast on why expensive wines seem to taste better (and other stuff)

The Brooklyin Investor has a look a Och-Ziff, the listed US Hedge fund

Geoff Gannon is blogging again and answering questions like “How to find sutainbale profitable companies” or  “How to invest if you have only one hour a day”

Ginni Rometty (CEO of IBM) on “How Blockchain will change your life” (WSJ, search for headline
Wired podcast on why Fitness trackers seem to lose steam (Fitbit, Apple)

One comment

  • “How to invest if you have only one hour a day”:

    I use a similar approach to the EBIT/Sales Stdev metric used here, to assess operating leverage.

    Shortfall here is to separate financial leverage (cost of financing) from the metric.

    I don’t benefit from a Bloomberg or Reuters terminal (just the FT!) – my challenge is always to find long term data series, particularly on UK stocks.


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