Some links

Edit: Interesting job offer from Active Ownership Capital (the guys behind the Stada deal)

TGV Partners 6M 2017 report with interesting thoughts on acquisitions, Amaysim and Tucows

What Bill Miller does these days (Spoiler: He slso owns als Bitcoins)

The bull case for Greece

David Einhorn’s Q2 letter

And finally, “Deep Work” author Cal Newport on why you should quit social media:



  • I’m so glad I caught Cal Newports Video through social media …

  • Thanks for the embedded Cal Newport Video. I really liked his book (highly recommended). The problem is that people who need this kind of thinking would watch 1.5 minutes of it and then switch to the next ‘How to Dad’-Video. I’ve been working with a lot of young people recently (20-30 years old) and I have to say that it’s really hard for them to work efficiently. They go from meeting to meeting and hardly have the time to work on a subject for more than an hour without distraction. 30+ people in an open space. TelCo here, discussion there. And almost all of them look at their smartphones every 2-3 minutes or so (Facebook, Whatsapp etc.). If they could turn that off perhaps they wouldn’t have to work 10+ hours a day…

    I’m really looking forward to my next project with ‘older’ people in a 3 person/room office.

    • Who puts young workers in cubicles with 30+ people are those “brilliant” (nonsense) managers that follow the advice from McKinseyes. The latter develop great plans that are never benchmarked against reality… the result we all know

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