Some links

One hedge fund thinks that MicroFocus should be worth twice its current share price

In contrast, UK Construction Group Kier looks like a short 

Interesting story about the founder of Panera Bread and shareholder short-termism

WIll Amazon go for Health Care next ?

Investments based on demographic trends are very difficult (funeral services edition)

Barry Ritholz is angry about Buy backs of the wrong kind

Interesting deep dive into the world of Lithium-Ion batteries



  • globalstockpicking

    Thank you for keep linking to my blog!

  • Rene-Ojas Woltering

    Thanks for the links. I found especially the article on EV batteries quite interesting.
    Are you still looking into car stocks? I’m more and more impressed with Tesla. EVs are where the industry is going and Tesla appears to have a substantial lead over the rest. Not cheap in absolute terms, but based on fundamentals now probably cheaper than ever before.

    • Tesla has come much further than anyone thought. Nevertheless this will turn into a hyper competitive industry. I am not smart enough to find out if Tesla will be the leader or not in 10 years time…

      • Rene-Ojas Woltering

        True, it will be an epic fight. On the other hand I also think that the organizational change required will be very, very hard. And it will involve cannibalizing what had been achieved.

        Another question is, when others are finally able to produce something like the model 3 at scale, will it really be bought by the masses? This will of course depend on where Tesla will be by then…


      • Well it does not need a lot of imagination to see that the model3 is absolutely killing the competition and that the competition is far away from creating the same type of car (price wise) with the same margins. And the EV market is about to explode..I think Tesla went through the eye of the needle and survived.

  • Hi there. I am seriously thinking on micro focus right now. If you have any opinion I would love to hear it

    • I haven’t looked that deeply into them although I held the shares for a very short time (after the HPE spin-off).

      Might be worth a look though, especially if a hard Brexit further hammers UK based stocks.

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