Some links

Prof. Galloway really doesn’t like Softbank

Must read: Rob Vinall has released his 2019 investor letter (New position: Wix)

The Peridot Capitalist thinks it would be a good idea to merge Uber Eats into Grubhub

Two UK reviews: Maynard Peyton reviews his (UK Small Cap) portfolio and another very good 2019 review from John Kingham (UK Value Investor)

Ben Carlson has written a book about financial scams and shares some scams that didn’t make it into the book

A very interesting story on how Netflix & Co are changing Hollywood

For the German speaking readers: Paladin One with their very transparent 2019 report



  • GNP-GlobalNosePicking

    Both the letter + Portfolio update from Robert are interesting.

    Missed Galloway’s update… ❤ it ! 🙂

    Thinking of entering Unilever (defensive position) and looking for high quality companies in China 's Healthcare sector (aggressive position).. Ping An Healtchare Tech (customer base driven by PingAn) , and AliBaba Healthcare (customer base by Alibaba). CSPC and Sina Biopharmaceuticals.

    Of the PingAnHC-T and AliBabaHC-T, the later definitely has a proven base of users that actively take online services by Alibaba; whereas the PingAnHC-T advantage is the direct connection to the health insurance business of Ping An. I prefer AliBaBa's option…

  • sehr interessant finde ich die WIX Position bei RV Capital.

    Ein sehr erfolgreicher Fondsmanager (RV) steigt neu ein, ein sehr erfolgreicher wikifolio Manager (Stefan Waldhauser) (stw-b. / Al Sting 😉 ) steigt aus.

    Oder anders ausgedrückt, Robert kauft dem Stefan die Teile ab 🙂

    Mal schauen wer die richtige Entscheidung getroffen hat.

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