Some links

Ever wondered why Netflix streams better then others on your Device ? OpenConnect may be the answer.

Short writeup on the GoreStreet Energy Storage Fund

A very good artice on how the current “meme markets” are functioning

Swen Lorenz likes Petershill partners, the IPO/spin-off from Goldman Sachs

Part 4 of an interesting deep dive into Sea Ltd, a South East Asian Tech conglomerate

Doordash’s deck to justify the Wolt acquisition (My take: very thin…)

Stratechery on Unity and the attraction of “faceless platforms”

One comment

  • Thanks a lot for the link to the ‘meme markets’-article. That one was really entertaining.

    Note to myself after studying your Twitter account: I have to find out if one can go short on wikifolio vehicles like the Bu…Ex… 🙂

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