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Always worth a read: Saxobank’s ten outrageous 2022 predictions

Eddy Elfebein’s 2022 buy list is out

Interesting Tweetstorm from Vitalik Buterin on many aspects of Crypto

Highly recommended: An interesting and comprehensive 2021 review from Searching4value

A collection of 21 things that got better in 2021

Maynard Peyton’s 2021 review is worth reading (UK small cap focus)

Clark Street Value had an impressive 2021


  • Let’s briefly revisit Saxobank’s 2021 predictions:
    1. Amazon “buys” Cyprus. Suggestion: short Amazon. While the Amazon stock price didn’t do particularly well in 2021 (+15% in USD), shorting the company would not have been lucrative.
    2. Germany bails out France. Didn’t happen (yet).
    3. Blockchain tech kills fake news. You wish.
    4. China’s new digital currency inspires tectonic shift in capital flows. Can’t knowledgeably comment on this.
    5. Revolutionary fusion design catapults humanity into energy abundance. Must have missed this.
    6. Universal basic income decimates big cities. While big cities have seen some sort of exodus with Covid19, this has not reflected on the price of property.
    7. Disruption dividend creates Citizens Technology Fund. Didn’t happen.
    8. A successful Covid-19 vaccine kills companies. Tick.
    9. Sun shines on silver, which sizzles on solar panel demand. Silver (SLV) was down more than 15% in 2021.
    10. Next-generation tech supercharges frontier and emerging markets. Didn’t happen.

  • Friendlyfollower

    In this context Pfof. Galloway predictions are also always worthwhile. His outcome for 2021 is not bad…

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