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Back to boring: Meier & Tobler (ISIN CH0208062627) – Boring enough to invest ?

Background/ The company

During part 6 of my “All Swiss Series” I mentioned that Maier Tobler looks interesting, at least if one likes “boring” stocks which I do.


Meier & Tobler these days is a Swiss focused company that is active in heating, cooling and ventilating homes and buildings. They are both, distributing appliances and spare parts as well as offering direct maintenance services.

Until 2013, the predecessor company Walter Maier was a pretty diversified company, with the main areas of cooling/climate (DACH) , tools (Us) and machinery (among others wood working machines). In 2013/2014, they completely changed their strategy: They sold the tools division and the German climate business and spun-off all manufacturing activities that they had bundled under the name WM Technology.

In 2017 they took over/merged with Swiss competitor Tobler, creating the clear market leader in Switzerland.

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All Swiss Shares Part 6 – Nr. 51-60

Another 10 randomly selected Swiss shares with very short “High level” analysis. This time, I actually identified three companies that are worth watching. Enjoy !!!

51. Sika AG

Sika is a 43 bn CHF market cap specialty chemical company that produces material for the building sector. What makes the company especially interesting is the fact that despite being very dull at the surface, the stock went up by 10x over ther last 8-9 years. Even Covid-19 could not stop Sika:


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