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All Danish Stocks part 7 – Nr. 61-70

Looking at randomly selected Danish shares is a nice exercise in order to calm one#s nerves during times like these. here is yet another batch of 10 Danish shares. This time, two of them I found worth to “watch”, for one of them i even started an initial position.


61. Genmab A/S

Genmab is a 18.4 bn Biotech company that manufactures among other stuff antibodies that are used for cancer treatment. The company is extremely profitable, with net margins between 35-60%. 

At 50x 2021 earnings and 17x revenues, the stock is not cheap, despite a drop in profits in 2021.

The share price has corrected a little but investors that hold the stock for a few years should be still very happy:

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Back to Denmark with a new batch of 10 randomly selected shares. What I have to say is that the Danish stock maket really offers a wide variety of companies. From a Fintech active in Africa, via shipping and concrete blocks over to Medtech, today’s selection has a lot of different business models. Four of them I found actually worth to “watch” this time.


41. SPENN Technology A/S 

SPENN is a 80 mn EUR market cap company that seems to offer a banking/trading app. The majority of the business seems to be in Africa (Zambia, Rwanda) via a company that was acquired in 2021. their offering seems to comprise (of course) Blockchain, Crypto, Payment and remittance services.

The stock chart looks quite uninspiring:


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One thing that I hadn’t managed to mention in my Panic series is that keeping up the normal routines instead of constantly staring at the screen for stock price action is also very important in order to “survive” volatile days as an investor.

With that in mind, I am more than happy to continue the all Danish Stocks series with 10 fresh randomly chosen stocks. This time four stocks made it on the “first round” watch list. Denmark seems to turn out as a quite promising hunting ground so far.

31. Columbus A/S

Columbus is an IT focused consultancy with a market cap of 160 mn EUR. Looking at their numbers, already 2019 was quite problematic and things didn’t improve much since then.

In January 2021, they sold a software subsidiary which resulted in a gain of around 2/3 of the current market value but they have distributed all the proceeds as a special dividend already.

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All Danish Stocks Part 1 – Nr. 1-10

As indicated in the last post of the “All Swiss Stocks series”, the next country I have targeted is Denmark. As always, I will look at the stocks in a random order. According to the Nasdaq OmX Nordic website, Denmark currently has 183 listed companies, spread over 2 segments, Nasdaq Copenhagen and the Nasdaq First North Growth Segment.

One decent feature of the Nasdaq OMX Nordic website is that they have very good summaries for each company (in cooperation with Morning Star) which makes this way of research quite efficient.

In addition, I have subscribed to which makes it easier to look at historic financials.

In this first installment, 2 out of 10 candidates are going onto the preliminary watch list. As always, comments are highly welcome !!!

1. Tryg A/S

Tryg is a 14.4 bn EUR market cap insurance company active mostly in Denmark, Sweden and Norway and is one of the largest Non-life insurance companies in the Nordics.

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