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WMF AG – Hidden Champion part 3 – Potential catalyst and Private Company Valuation

After part 1 and part 2 I had concluded the following:

–> from a pure Asset perspective, the Stock seems currently fairly valued
–> from an EPV perspective, one could assume an upside of 25-43% if one assumes constant cash flows going forward based on 2010 results

So overall, the upside is there but certainly not “super exciting”, so why bother ? Maybe the reasons are to be found in what i would call more the “qualitative” angle ?
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Core Value WMF AG – Hidden “Mittelstand” Champion – Part 1

WMF AG is one of the “core value” stocks, I have only mentioned briefly. WMF was founded over 150 years ago (wikipedia). The company is well known for generations in Germany for producing excellent kitchen supplements, especially cooking pots and pans, cuttlery and other “kitchen helpers”. Additionally they started at some time in the sixties to produce coffee makers, especially for the professional area like restaurant, company cafeterias etc.
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