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Quick updates: WMF AG

WMF, the succesful German manufacturer of Coffee machines and cutlery released 2012 earnings last week and the annual report today.

Additionally, two rather strange things happened:

1. Despite a good result and extremely strong Free cash flow, they cut the dividend from 1.40 EUR to 1 EUR per share citing the need to “strengthen the internal funding capacity” of the company.
2. Yesterday, the CEO who successfully turned around the company, resigned as of may 31st 2013.

Quick Recap: Last year, the former private equity owner Capvis sold out to KKR, the legendary P/E company.

The reduction of the Dividend and especially the reason given is of course a joke. WMF has net cash and could be leveraged quite a bit before you start cutting dividends.

To me this is a kind of “deja vu” with another German company i used to own (before i started the blog), ANZAG AG, a German pharmaceutical distribution company.

KKR indirectly bought the majority of ANZAG vie their Boots/Unichem purchase. Then in 2009, they started to cut the dividend and communicating bad outlooks before they then managed to buy out the remaining minority shareholders for 31 EUR. In my opinion, KKR is not unfair, but they make sure that the upside remains with them and not minority shareholders.

So I do not understand, why now the share price goes up so much. For me, the situation is very different to the Capvis situation. Capvis in my opinion always wanted to exit via a share sale, so the interest of minority shareholders and Capvis were more or less aligned.

KKR on the other hand, will most likely look for another solution (break up, leveraging up, mergers). So the firing of the CEO and cutting the dividend could be the first sign that they are changing the strategy and that the “ANZAG strategy” might be applied here as well. In my opinion, the interest of majority shareholder and minority shareholder are less well aligned as before and the resignation of a very succesful CEO is one “early warning” here.

Additionally, in my (non growth) valuation model, the ordinary shares already look overvalued, the pref share which are owned are fairly valued.

Also, the chart looks kind of “stretched”.

So as a result, I will start selling the WMF pref shares (~3.7% of the portfolio) from today on under the usual rules.

WMF AG catalyst – lessons learned: Good idea but weak execution

Now the expected catalyst at WMF has happened:

Current majority share holder Capvis sells as exected. The only surprise in my opnion is that the buyer is KKR, another (and maybe the most famous) PE investor:

KKR pays 47 EUR per ordenary share (+25% premium), but only the 3 month average of ~32 EUR for the pref shares-

So with my pref shares, I earned some money but lost out on the take over premium. And this although reader JM recommended the switch already in February.

So despite being a quite good deal for the portfolio (~+40%), the switch would have made a great dea out of this (+80%).

So hopefully lessons learned: Only the ordinary stocks will be enjoying the take over premium, not necessarily the pref shares.

For the time being, I will keep the pref shares to see if KKR changes it mind at some time. If they want to take the compeny private, they need also to buy the prefs…..

Quick news: WMF, Walmart, Praktiker


According to a Boersenzeitung article, for some reason WMF is considering exchanging the Pref shares into ordinary shares (full article can be found in the W:O Thread)

I do not really understand how Capvis could profit from an exchange, unless they already have bought a lot of Pref shares. Then it would be a good deal for them.

Interestingly, the Pref shares now more or less are back to the level of the regular shares.

Maybe time to sell on good news ? Q1 numbers seem to have been really good. For the time being: no action.


Walmart issued unexpected positive Q1 numbers today. Here I will definitely ue the momentum and sell the shares at today’s VWAP.

For some reason I do not believe in the US recovery story, at least not for “physical” retailers. Even if Warren is still buying…..It was never a “high conviction” play anyway, although it made good money.


Praktiker seems to have found an U Hedgefund for its “secured” loan, US Hedgefund Acnhorage. Although it is too early to assess, the downside scenario for the bonds would now be of course more severe, however the proabality of a deafult is lower. No action yet.

WMF AG – Hidden Champion part 3 – Potential catalyst and Private Company Valuation

After part 1 and part 2 I had concluded the following:

–> from a pure Asset perspective, the Stock seems currently fairly valued
–> from an EPV perspective, one could assume an upside of 25-43% if one assumes constant cash flows going forward based on 2010 results

So overall, the upside is there but certainly not “super exciting”, so why bother ? Maybe the reasons are to be found in what i would call more the “qualitative” angle ?
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Core Value WMF AG – Hidden “Mittelstand” Champion – Part 1

WMF AG is one of the “core value” stocks, I have only mentioned briefly. WMF was founded over 150 years ago (wikipedia). The company is well known for generations in Germany for producing excellent kitchen supplements, especially cooking pots and pans, cuttlery and other “kitchen helpers”. Additionally they started at some time in the sixties to produce coffee makers, especially for the professional area like restaurant, company cafeterias etc.
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Neue “Aktuelles Portfolio” Seite

Mal eine “redaktionelle” Meldung: Ab heute gibt es eine neue Version der “Aktuelles Portfolio” Seite.

Statt der veralteten Scribd Datei gibt es jetzt immer einen Link auf das letzte Excel File und die Beiträge nach Werten geordnet. Das hilft uns auch selber die Beiträge zu finden 😉

Anbei hier nochmal der aktuelle Stand:

Aktuelles Portfolio

Portfolio KW 20.

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