2011 review – 10 most popular posts

10 Most read articles 2011

1. WGF Anleihen – Interessant oder lieber Finger weg ?
2. (Hard Core) Opportunity Investments: WestLB 2011er Genußscheine
3. Praktiker Anleiheprospekt – „Poison Pill“ gegen potentielle Übernehmer
4. Core Value: Total Produce – Obst und Gemüse Großhändler aus Irland
5. Solar Millenium Anleihe – Kurzanalyse Liquidationerlös
6. Opportunistic: Drägerwerk Genussscheine
7. Muddy Waters zu „Sino Forest“ – Parallelen und Unterschiede zu Asian Bamboo
8. Praktiker AG – Anleihe schmiert ab
9. Kartellverfahren – Interesante Recherchemöglichkeit am Beispiel Praktiker / Max Bahr
10. Asian Bamboo – Interessante Details aus dem Einzelabschluss der AG

Interestingly enough, 7 of the top 10 posts refer to companies or stocks which are in trouble. Only Asian Bamboo was a short in the portfolio, the WGF analysis was done based on a request by a reader and Praktiker was only intersting as a peer company to Hornbach. One explanation could be that once share prices are falling, investors are more actively searching in the interent for reasons and more info.

So if one would want to maximise traffic to an investing blog, one should write a lot about “fallen angels”, however this is not my goal.

I want to especially thank to all the commentators, who provided a lot of input and feedback. This is really the best part of blogging.

At this point I want to encourage anyone who has an (other) opinion or wants to ask something, please don’t hesitate. You can either use the comments or send me an Email to memyselfandi007@web.de

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