Value & Opportunity 12th Anniversary


12 years

Every year on December 15th, the blog celebrates another anniversary, because on that day in December 2010, the blog went live for the first time. (Edit: and again this should have gone out yesterday….).

As always there will be a separate performance portfolio review in the beginning of January.  In human years, 12 is still early teenage years, in “Whisky years”, 12 years is already a decent age. However, in Blogging time, 12 years rather feels like being the Grandfather of stock blogging. A lot of the fellow stock bloggers from back then have vanished or moved to social media. Interestingly there is now a new wave of bloggers mostly on Substack.

Again, a big thank you to all readers, especially those who contribute (and motivate) via constructive comments but of course also to all the silent readers.

The top 10 posts in 2021 were the following:

  1. My 28 Stocks for 2022
  2. Special Situation EXMAR NV (BE0003808251) – “Time to Tango ?”
  3. Special Situation: 3U Holding – Sale of WeClapp Subsidiary with Net cash proceeds > market cap
  4. Naked Wines ($WINE) update – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
  5. Performance review 6M 2022 – Comment “The Siren’s Song of Fallen Angels and (very) low P/E stocks”
  6. Panic Journal RUSSIA / UKRAINE Edition PART 2
  7. Nabaltec AG – Boring Old Economy Dinosaur or “Hidden Champion” Electrification beneficiary ?
  8. Panic Journal – Russia / Ukraine edition Part 1
  9. Royal Unibrew (ISIN DK0060634707) – A High Quality Beverage Compounder at a reasonable price ?
  10. PANIC JOURNAL – UKRAINE/RUSSIA EDITION PART 4: The new “Freedom Insulation” Basket

Blogging highlights 2022:

So far, in 2022 I managed to post 85 times, which is again less than in 2021. The biggest achievement (and fun) has been the “All Danish Shares series” which comprised 18 posts overall. Plus, I managed to start the new “All Norwegian Shares” series which will keep me occupied for 2023. I enjoy this way of research a lot, because I can easily look at a few companies when I have only a short amount of time available. For the deep dives, I need much more uninterrupted time which is sometimes difficult to manage.

In 2022, my 2 Special Situation deep dives (Exmar, 3U)  were really popular, followed by the revival of the “Panic Series” due to the war in Ukraine. .

After finishing the “Covid Panic Journals”, I had to revive the format due to the war in Ukraine. As mentioned, market commentary is neither my focus nor my strength, but in these more extreme circumstances I think this helps to avoid Level 1 thinking. For me  it was lucky, that I already started in 2021 to look much more into the Energy sector and topics like energy transition. That topic obviously became a major focus in 2022 and will remain to be so for the coming years.

Early in the year, I looked at some “fallen Angel” tech stocks like HomeToGoCarvana or Lemonade, but I luckily decided that they were not attractive at that price.


Overall, views are at around 320 k for this year, which is again below the level of 2021. As mentioned last time, the numbers of followers slowly and steadily increases and the top posts often reach more people than in the years back then. As mentioned, it seems that Google search directs less and less people to older posts, but I can live with that


I had started in 2021 to reactivate my old Twitter account. I have to say that Twitter is fun, but it is clearly much more a distraction than a useful research tool. Despite all what is going on, I will stay on Twitter but maybe I’ll try to limit the time I spend (waste) there.

The year ahead

Going into year 13, the biggest goal is of course to keep up the frequency and hopefully finishing the “All Norwegian shares” series. My biggest wish is that I can finally end the “Panic series”. Energy will remain a big topic. Crypto most likely not so much,

Bonus Track:

This one is specifically for Elon Musk or any other “wanna be narcistic Axxxxxx CEO/Manager”:


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