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8 Years of Value & Opportunity: Staying alive..

Once a year in mid-December I always realize quite suddenly that another year has passed and Value and Opportunity is now 8 years old since the first post in 2010.

As I mentioned earlier this year, for very positive reasons, both private and professional, activity in the blog did not reach the standards of the previous years.

Looking back, I still managed to look a these companies in more detail:

  1. Getinge / Arjo spin-off
  2. Softbank (part 1 and part 2
  3. Landis & Gyr
  4. Boiron SA
  5. Expedia
  6. Criteo SA
  7. Saga Plc
  8. Paul Hartmann
  9. Creditshelf
  10. DormaKaba
  11. SIAS SpA (revisited)
  12. FitBit
  13. System1
  14. Listed VC funds part 1
  15. Listed VC funds part 2 – Vostok New Ventures

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Updates: Admiral CEO, Lloyds Banking, Cranswick + Editorial (Comments)

Editorial stuff:

While I was away (without access to my account) some people complained that their comments were not shown while other comments went through. The reason is the WordPress commenting system. If you comment for the first time, I need to manually approve this first comment. Once you are approved, further comments appear automatically if you login and comment the same way than you had done for the first time. So for anyone who commented for the fist time in the last 2 weeks, the comments were still in the “to be approved queue”.
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Editorial stuff: New “Investment Fundamentals” page

In order to organise the content a little bit better, I have created a new page called “Investment Fundamentals” within the blog which collects all the more general posts I have written over the last 3 years.

It makes it easier for me to find the stuff and maybe it helps some of my readers as well. In order not to overload the blog, I deleted the German “Anlagephilosophie” and the “Boss Score” page.

For the moment the new page looks like this:

General valuation / accounting know how

Risk free rates and discount rates for DCF

How to calculate Enterprise value

Operating Cashflow and interest expenses

Operating Leases and IFRS (German)


Special situations

Underrated Special situation: Deeply discounted rights issues

Some thoughts on holding companies

3 part series on European spin offs: part 1, part 2 and part 3

Preference shares (German) part 1 and part 2

Portfolio construction / management

Momentum and Value Investing

Position sizing and cash quota

Leveraging Investment returns if you are not Warren Buffet

Behavioural Investing: Averaging Up vs.Averaging down

General thoughts

Competitve advantages of individual investors

The value of paying divdends

Short interest and stock performance

Transformational acquisitions